Another year, does it matter? Decision time?

Decided to cap off the year with a visit to a popular walking track next to the world renowned airport. The dinosaurs were decked out in Christmas gear for the visitors. Really appreciate the work and effort being put into building this. Unfortunately there will always be those who will attempt to destroy these airports but littering….their masks!!! No one is going to help pick these litters nowadays due to the pandemic. We all must play a role in this. If your drop it, pick it up yourself and throw it away.

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect again. It appears 2021 was more a stable year compared to the chaos the year before. Hopefully things will be better in 2022. However decisions still need to be made. People come and go. But is everyone always dispensable? Does it not matter just because you are a junior level without proper qualifications? If so does it mean it will always be the same wherever you’re at? I suppose suggestions only matter when you’re someone “qualified”.


A shocking event amidst the pandemic

Today Singapore recorded it’s highest community COVID-19 infection since Aug 10 2020. However, as shocking as it is, another news came as a even bigger shock to the students of a secondary school. As investigation are ongoing and news is being circulated to the general public, there will understandably be rumours and speculations about how could such an event occur in such a safe country. Well, nothing is impossible, but speculation does not help to allay any fears in the public. It will be best to let the authorities conduct the necessary investigations and brief the public when the time comes. I do agree with the news outlet that respect should be given to both sides and their families. There is already ongoing racism that has been happening in the recent years due to the pandemic and the last thing is to further instil more fear or even hatred in the community.

Everyone needs to play a role to help stem fear-mongering among certain groups of the public. Time will let us know more and rushing to conclusions does not help in any way.