Most Instagrammable city in the world.

Singapore just got voted the most Instagrammable city in the world. Guess apart from the famous jewel, we do have of places to go to. But it’s still all concentrate structures and man made environment. Was sharing with a colleague that natural environment is the best. But was told most Instagram photos won’t feature those nature views as it’s not places most influencers will go. Wonder if it’s true? Comments?


Another year, does it matter? Decision time?

Decided to cap off the year with a visit to a popular walking track next to the world renowned airport. The dinosaurs were decked out in Christmas gear for the visitors. Really appreciate the work and effort being put into building this. Unfortunately there will always be those who will attempt to destroy these airports but littering….their masks!!! No one is going to help pick these litters nowadays due to the pandemic. We all must play a role in this. If your drop it, pick it up yourself and throw it away.

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect again. It appears 2021 was more a stable year compared to the chaos the year before. Hopefully things will be better in 2022. However decisions still need to be made. People come and go. But is everyone always dispensable? Does it not matter just because you are a junior level without proper qualifications? If so does it mean it will always be the same wherever you’re at? I suppose suggestions only matter when you’re someone “qualified”.

A New Normal

Just realised it’s been more than 1 year since a post. Things have changed so dramatically, not just in locally but the entire world as well. Life has been tough and is going to be tough while everyone is trying to get used to the new norm. But people have toughed through adversities throughout known history and will get through this one again.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Still is better?

Was at this place for the Nth time since it opened but still managed to capture different things about the place. Had a chance to catch the vortex fountain performance which was really amazing although was splashed with water. Was taking a video but decided to take some stills and I think it’s much better.

Sometimes, it’s better to stop a while and enjoy the moment rather than just keep moving aimlessly. Just a realisation.

Amazing feat amazing costs

Managed to visit this new iconic building in Singapore that was recently opened. This building, situated next to the airport is meant to push up Tourism and get visitors as well as locals to spend. Unlike other most other countries, Singapore Changi Airport is build more to resemble a huge shopping centre than an airport. Weekends means trips to the airport with a huge space to roam about in cramped Singapore. At 1.3billion

dollars, it shows how much the airport authorities are willing to pay and how confident they are. With another terminal coming up and another dedicated mass rapid transport, things are sure to get better with years to come. Have you been there yet?