A stroll on Sunday

Decided to exercise and did a short walk after lectures for a famous icon in Singapore. It’s been around for many years and it’s been opened for free to the public for a while but it’s my second time here. Things have changed quite a lot. And it’s really quiet now and you don’t really see locals roaming around the park.

It’s still quite nostalgic to think about the place since I was last here decades ago and was quite scared. Now it just seems like a lesson in Chinese mythology and also learning about the origins of the place. Although roaming around the place a few of the sculptures seemed out of place. I am still trying to grapple the eventual concept of this place. But it’s definitely worth a visit.


Keeping fit

Decided to start honouring my New Year resolution of trying to keep fit. Took a longggg…..stroll this morning and experience the sights and scenes along the way.

Most of us taking different modes of transport don’t really stop to appreciate our surroundings (me included) anymore. Our smart devices play a much larger role in our life than anyone or anything else. Why don’t we attempt to stop staring at our phones and look up once in a while to savour what’s in front of us. 😬