Another year, the new Normal?

It’s coming to 18 months since the COVID-19 pandemic started. From a nameless virus to “China” virus to finally having a scientific name that everyone knows worldwide. I think it’s famous than anything at the moment but for al the wrong reasons.

Over the past year, all different forms of humanity has been on display, whether the good or the ugly. Racial discrimination has been the hot topic in the USA with the Asian Americans community being in the news headlines pretty often. Hopefully with a bill passed in Senate and better understanding of the disease, things will slowly get better over time although don’t expect things to change overnight.

However, it seems like a new form of nation discrimination is being suggested at the moment with countries and even the WHO asking the wealthier and developed country to contribute to the COVAX cause to supply desperately needed vaccines to the the less developed countries in their fight to overcome the overwhelming pandemic. Notwithstanding, this is also a time where nations has gone all out to support each other as the same time. This is clearly seen in the recent outpouring of support to India during their worse wave of the COVID-19 outbreak thus far.

Now is a good time for everyone to really take a step back and think about how best to help and overcome the current situation. It’s no longer how I can help my country, it’s more like how we can all come together and help everyone. There is no best fit solution. Like what our minister said earlier, nobody is safe until everyone is safe.

Let’s do all do our part and embrace this new normal and hopefully overcome this current situation in order to recover some sense of normality soon.


Choices choices

Finally saw an application for the public to use for the age old question of “what to eat”. Would be a very good idea for someone to come up with an app with all the mall dining choices and be able to localise it within the app. Then with a simple click, a random choice will be generated. A simple use will also be for those going on food hunt. Gonna be interesting to create a social website to incorporate all the foodies and food places in Singapore for all to enjoy. Any partners?

A New Normal

Just realised it’s been more than 1 year since a post. Things have changed so dramatically, not just in locally but the entire world as well. Life has been tough and is going to be tough while everyone is trying to get used to the new norm. But people have toughed through adversities throughout known history and will get through this one again.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

2019,still feels like any other year

Every beginning of the year, everyone will make resolutions and then review them at the end of year. I tried to do this 10 years ago but I just gave up and everything seems to repeat itself. Nothing has changed much in the last 10 years. In fact, it seems like it has been getting harder to get by as each year progresses. Maybe it’s all about the economy, political unrest and natural disasters that everyone has been talking about. But I think it’s still all in the mind. If you don’t work hard then nothing will come to you. I suppose I have not worked hard enough. People also say that the kind will be rewarded. I don’t think I have done any misdeeds but I suppose that I have not been kind enough. Another year and I am still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I am not looking hard enough. Sigh…


Tax free shopping in Japan.

Just wanted to share something about tax free shopping in Japan from my own experience. Tax free shopping in Japan is quite hassle free and some shops have dedicated cashiers for it. Others you’ll need to claim the tax refund but from the mall itself. Overall, I didn’t have to go to any customs office at the airport to get my tax refunds.

The retailers and malls who do the refunds will do the necessary procedures and stick like loads of receipts on your passport and can make it look quite thick depending on how much you shop.

Few things to note when you buy tax free items in Japan:

1) minimum spending of ¥5000 for consumables and general goods each. Some malls offer the ability to combine receipts from different shops.

2) Goods will be sealed and can’t be used until you depart the country. There certain things which you use immediately such as electronic items.

The interesting part is that no one talks about if you have to show the goods you purchase to any customs officer when you check in for your flight back. Well, basically you can just check in the items you bought. You don’t have to bring it as carry on. After you enter the departure gate, there is a counter for customs to look at the refunds. Basically the officer didn’t bother and just asked me to deposit all the receipts in a box at the counter and off I went. That’s how simple it is.

Wonderful lunch at halal-certified British establishment

Was here for a lunch time meeting which required a halal venue. Was surprised to find this place in the middle of popular lane in Singapore. Food was quite authentic British and the service was great as well. Unfortunately, their coffee machine broke down that day so couldn’t taste their coffee. Though they volunteered to buy coffee for us from another cafe should we want it which was quite nice. Overall, worth coming back again.

Festive season

Th lunar new year is coming soon. Lots of people buying and decorating their homes. Same goes for the shopping Malls. Festive season comes with festive feasting. It’s a time where everyone gathers and feast. Lots of people say food always taste better when you’re eating in a group comparing with eating alone. Eating with family definitely adds to the festivity. So just exercise moderation and try to stay active by taking a short stroll after your meals. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Selfish or sell fish?

Saw this scene at a very popular outlet selling salted egg fish skins chips. I realise why it’s sold even at opening although it says you’re only able to buy 5 at a time. I’ll still amazed how this person managed to buy a trolley full of it and cleaned out the stock.

Was told some of these people will resell them at a much higher price in another country.

Nostalgia of food

They say picture can speak a thousand words. But I suppose this one doesn’t say much. Just had a thought about this see through kitchen concept which has been the craze this century.

Everyone are paranoid about how their food is prepared and whether it’s clean and palatable. Most of us forget about the people behind the glass who work tirelessly day and night to prepare our food.

Great job for the food handlers despite having to show good professionalism in front of us while being busy with their work at the same time.