Long awaited trip

Following the trend of most people in the world since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I also took the opportunity to travel overseas be it just across the causeway. Had a wonderful time experiencing cool weather and took fantastic pictures. Although the crowd was just quite ridiculous given the school holidays period.

This picture really highlights the beginning of a new phase of society. Hopefully things will progress in the correct direction.


Most Instagrammable city in the world.

Singapore just got voted the most Instagrammable city in the world. Guess apart from the famous jewel, we do have of places to go to. But it’s still all concentrate structures and man made environment. Was sharing with a colleague that natural environment is the best. But was told most Instagram photos won’t feature those nature views as it’s not places most influencers will go. Wonder if it’s true? Comments?

Another year, does it matter? Decision time?

Decided to cap off the year with a visit to a popular walking track next to the world renowned airport. The dinosaurs were decked out in Christmas gear for the visitors. Really appreciate the work and effort being put into building this. Unfortunately there will always be those who will attempt to destroy these airports but littering….their masks!!! No one is going to help pick these litters nowadays due to the pandemic. We all must play a role in this. If your drop it, pick it up yourself and throw it away.

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect again. It appears 2021 was more a stable year compared to the chaos the year before. Hopefully things will be better in 2022. However decisions still need to be made. People come and go. But is everyone always dispensable? Does it not matter just because you are a junior level without proper qualifications? If so does it mean it will always be the same wherever you’re at? I suppose suggestions only matter when you’re someone “qualified”.

A health scare, but was being paranoid….

Felt something not right with myself and got a bit concerned. Decided to seek specialist help after thinking about it for a week. In the end, it was just paranoia and nothing was wrong. Goes to show that perspective in life changes with age. After a certain age, you will start to feel about end of life and what should be done before that end of life happens. Some will make sure that their loved ones will be financially protected even after they are gone. Others will just choose to love like today is their last day and not think much about tomorrow. Everything is all subjective and everyone has their own rights to their decisions. Ultimately, they are the ones who need to love through that decision and take responsibility for it whether they want to or not.

Following the consult and reassurance, decide to treat myself to a nice simple meal although it was quite expensive. But I thought it was worth a while cos it is to show me that I am still relatively healthy and still have the chance to build my wealth. Therefore decided to explore more into investment strategies in preparation for the future. In the meantime, will he trying to keep healthy as well.

A shocking event amidst the pandemic

Today Singapore recorded it’s highest community COVID-19 infection since Aug 10 2020. However, as shocking as it is, another news came as a even bigger shock to the students of a secondary school. As investigation are ongoing and news is being circulated to the general public, there will understandably be rumours and speculations about how could such an event occur in such a safe country. Well, nothing is impossible, but speculation does not help to allay any fears in the public. It will be best to let the authorities conduct the necessary investigations and brief the public when the time comes. I do agree with the news outlet that respect should be given to both sides and their families. There is already ongoing racism that has been happening in the recent years due to the pandemic and the last thing is to further instil more fear or even hatred in the community.

Everyone needs to play a role to help stem fear-mongering among certain groups of the public. Time will let us know more and rushing to conclusions does not help in any way.

A dose of healthy… Maybe not

Decided to try out a new dish from this place that serves everything will salmon. Thought was going on a healthy lunch but the sauce was too much and made the dish tasted quite salty and spicy. Couldn’t taste the raw salmon in the end. Better to have the aloha poke version than this bibimbap. But overall a place worth a try although not often as the price is quite expensive. It seems like healthy food is always going to be more expensive probably due to the raw food cost and the marketing involved to attract customers. It’s not like the $4 economic rice which attracts long queues during peak meal times. Probably worth considering a healthy economoc rice with partnership with the organisation to earn rebates and rewards.

Food to quench the misery?

Had a wonderful meal to try and weed the feeling of helplessness. Although not cheap, the meal was quite satisfying and managed to lift the mood a bit. Goes to show that I am probably belong to the live to eat party. Still no matter how good the food, once it’s gone it’s gone. The only way to bring it back is to order another one. However, you can’t do that with life. You only have one chance. Would you go all out and risk everything just to tell yourself, “At least I tried” but fail miserably or would you stay in your comfort zone and not try at all. People say you should not live with regret but what if the “try” paid a much a higher price than you expected?

There is no right or wrong to this. But I feel there is a lot of things that needs to be considered. The “what-ifs” are always the fear that prevents people from trying. Sometimes, failure does not only impact the individual but also the ones around them. But you never know until you try, but should you?

Reflection on life.

Decided to go for an early morning walk in an attempt to catch the sunrise on this big day. Little did u realise that the weather forecast was cloudy the entire day and could barely catch a glimpse of the sunlight.

Looking at the the weather made me realise it’s so closely reflective of my life at the moment. Not sure how many people have this same feeling. But I feel as though despite living for the past decades, it seems like I am still searching for what I want in life. There is no passion at the workplace even after changing multiple jobs. It is really difficult to find that one job that really makes you look forward to going work everyday. Currently, work is more for survival, getting the salary to survive to the next salary payout. People say it’s very seldom to find that job that you really yearn for and majority of us are just working for the sake of providing food on the table. Is it really that hard? Or is it just that I’m not willing to take the leap with fear of losing everything? Or is it just a lazy of an excuse?

Another year, the new Normal?

It’s coming to 18 months since the COVID-19 pandemic started. From a nameless virus to “China” virus to finally having a scientific name that everyone knows worldwide. I think it’s famous than anything at the moment but for al the wrong reasons.

Over the past year, all different forms of humanity has been on display, whether the good or the ugly. Racial discrimination has been the hot topic in the USA with the Asian Americans community being in the news headlines pretty often. Hopefully with a bill passed in Senate and better understanding of the disease, things will slowly get better over time although don’t expect things to change overnight.

However, it seems like a new form of nation discrimination is being suggested at the moment with countries and even the WHO asking the wealthier and developed country to contribute to the COVAX cause to supply desperately needed vaccines to the the less developed countries in their fight to overcome the overwhelming pandemic. Notwithstanding, this is also a time where nations has gone all out to support each other as the same time. This is clearly seen in the recent outpouring of support to India during their worse wave of the COVID-19 outbreak thus far.

Now is a good time for everyone to really take a step back and think about how best to help and overcome the current situation. It’s no longer how I can help my country, it’s more like how we can all come together and help everyone. There is no best fit solution. Like what our minister said earlier, nobody is safe until everyone is safe.

Let’s do all do our part and embrace this new normal and hopefully overcome this current situation in order to recover some sense of normality soon.

Choices choices

Finally saw an application for the public to use for the age old question of “what to eat”. Would be a very good idea for someone to come up with an app with all the mall dining choices and be able to localise it within the app. Then with a simple click, a random choice will be generated. A simple use will also be for those going on food hunt. Gonna be interesting to create a social website to incorporate all the foodies and food places in Singapore for all to enjoy. Any partners?