Another year, the new Normal?

It’s coming to 18 months since the COVID-19 pandemic started. From a nameless virus to “China” virus to finally having a scientific name that everyone knows worldwide. I think it’s famous than anything at the moment but for al the wrong reasons.

Over the past year, all different forms of humanity has been on display, whether the good or the ugly. Racial discrimination has been the hot topic in the USA with the Asian Americans community being in the news headlines pretty often. Hopefully with a bill passed in Senate and better understanding of the disease, things will slowly get better over time although don’t expect things to change overnight.

However, it seems like a new form of nation discrimination is being suggested at the moment with countries and even the WHO asking the wealthier and developed country to contribute to the COVAX cause to supply desperately needed vaccines to the the less developed countries in their fight to overcome the overwhelming pandemic. Notwithstanding, this is also a time where nations has gone all out to support each other as the same time. This is clearly seen in the recent outpouring of support to India during their worse wave of the COVID-19 outbreak thus far.

Now is a good time for everyone to really take a step back and think about how best to help and overcome the current situation. It’s no longer how I can help my country, it’s more like how we can all come together and help everyone. There is no best fit solution. Like what our minister said earlier, nobody is safe until everyone is safe.

Let’s do all do our part and embrace this new normal and hopefully overcome this current situation in order to recover some sense of normality soon.


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